Stone art

Engraving is an art. Working with customers is an art.  Stone Art blends these arts with over 24 years of experience designing, etching, lettering and sandblasting graphics onto stone.   Our viewpoint gives us the engraving edge.  

Our specialty is in the area of engraved bricks and tiles with
sponsor/donor names for fundraising projects.  We partner with colleges, alumni associations, elementary and high schools, PTAs, booster clubs, hospitals, churches and various other organizations raising funds through brick donor programs. FAQs.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Stone art, Brick Engraving Specialists

Contact us via E-Mail
or at 503-439-6287 in Oregon
We Engrave:

 Fundraising Bricks
 Donor Bricks
 Concrete Pavers
 Dedication Plaques
 Granite Signs
 Natural Rock
 Address Stones/Brick
 Ceramic Tiles
 Granite Memorial Markers